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Vision: Creating solutions for companies to do more business, less manual work

Pel Softlabs is committed to changing the way businesses are run today. Optimizing the output of every minute of your resources and you is vital for the success for your business. This is where automation steps in. Using automation for repetitive work flows not only reduces your time but also eliminates the chances of human error. Now a days, Artificial intelligence has become advanced enough to carry many operations without the intervention of humans and with minimum errors. We use machine learning to understand the trends and accordingly take the further actions based on many factors which otherwise, can take a lot of precious time of your resources

Quick Facts

  • Over a decade of providing communication and automation solutions for companies of any size
  • Trusted by more than 50000 businesses
  • Among Top 10 Enterprise Communication businesses in India
  • Delivered over 70 billion messages, 312 billion mails, 20 millions web/micro sites till date & counting
  • Flexibility is our strength. Our pay as you go & subscription models provide users the flexibility of the way they want to use our solutions
  • We don’t lock out our customers, the users have all the control over their data and they can take it out anytime

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